Shell Employees Savings and Loan Association

serving you since 1955

 SESLA Direct Line - (02) 8983-1874
      Frontline - (0917) 166-2538 / (0917) 148-2538
      Backroom - (0917) 156-2538

 Consumer Protection - [email protected]
       Frontline - [email protected]
       Backroom - [email protected]

Not yet a member?

Enjoy the following membership benefits:

  • High Dividend Rates for your Capital Contribution
  • Competitive Interest Rates on Loans and Time Deposits
  • Stability and Assurance for your Money
  • Accessibility

Benefits of Being a SESLA Member

High Dividend Rates for your Capital Contribution

Based on the results of its operations for the year, the association declares dividend at a rate determined by the board of trustees and paid to all its members first quarter of the following year. Compare this to other commercial banks, and you will see the benefit of keeping your money with us.

Stability and Assurance for your Money

The sixty two years of existence has been characterized by a strong and healthy financial performance. Our association is manned by a competent management team and professional staff who are committed to providing the best quality service our members deserve.

Competitive Interest Rate on Loans and Time Deposits

SESLA offers Special Savings Deposit (SSD), also tax free. Our interest on loan is computed using diminishing balance method which makes the cost of borrowings a lot lower compared to other financial institutions.


SESLA office is located at the ground floor of Shell House Building, thus bringing our service closer to your doorstep.

Requirements for SESLA Membership

(Should be submitted personally)

Membership in the association is opened to all active and retired employees of Shell Companies in the Phils., and regular staff of SESLA, provided they submit the following documents:

  1. Membership form (Blue form)
  2. Transaction form / Withdrawal form (Yellow form)
  3. Payslip
  4. Certificate of Regularization/COE addressed to SESLA
  5. Php200 for Membership to be deposited to Unionbank
  6. 1×1 picture (1pc.)- Write your name at the back.
  7. 2 valid IDs (Company ID and Government-issued ID photocopy)

Termination of Membership


Members who wish to terminate their accounts may apply for such at the SESLA office. Applicants should have no loan balance and or not a co-maker of delinquent account on the day of filing. Upon termination of membership, the balance of his capital contribution plus the interest earned during the period is paid to the member after due processing.

Termination for Deceased Members

Membership in the Association is automatically terminated upon the death of a member.


  1. Withdrawal Form (for Voluntary Termination)
  2. Death Certificate
  3. Marriage Contract
  4. Certificate of legal beneficiaries/heirs
  5. Birth certificate of children
  6. Birth certificate of deceased member
  7. ID of claimant