Shell Employees Savings and Loan Association

serving you since 1955

 SESLA Direct Line - (02) 8983-1874
      Frontline - (0917) 166-2538 / (0917) 148-2538
      Backroom - (0917) 156-2538

 Consumer Protection - [email protected]
       Frontline - [email protected]
       Backroom - [email protected]


Withdrawals from the members Capital Contribution account shall at no time exceed ten times (10x) his/her fixed withdrawable CapCon. On a case-to-case basis, the association may restrict the withdrawals of certain individual member.


  • Withdrawal Process

Withdrawal Process

  1. Submit duly accomplished and signed withdrawal form to SESLA office or send to [email protected]
  2. Member will be notified as soon as the check has been deposited to his/her bank account.